This photo contest ended at 30.09.2018

2018/09/30 23:59:59


Our game pieces want to go on vacation and see something of the world. Join in and take our Pawns or Meeples on the journey.
We are looking forward to interesting, funny and unusual photos and reward the participation with vouchers, games and of course game material.
Just put your Pawn or Meeple in pose, take a picture and send the result until the end of September to Please make a note where the picture was taken.

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    Paul Pawn (father)

    40 years old
    Game author
    Work, work, work…
    Dream of creating the game of the year
    Loves winning when playing
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    Pia Pawn (daughter)

    14 years old
    Best teenager age
    Goes to school
    Just loves Brat Pawn (the actor)
    Loves to talk on the phone
    Always plays with the red game stones

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    Patrick Pawn (son)

    12 years old
    Teenager with two hairs
    Cheats when playing
    Listens to ‘The Pawnees’
    PC freak
  • null

    Petra Pawn (mother)

    40 years young
    Attractive as they say
    Despite some quarrels loves Paul
    Teases Paul because of his little success
    Watches soap opera ‘Dr.Pawn’
    Naturally loves shopping


The winning picture was submitted by Ursula V. The Pawns were staged on Stonehenge in England.

Thanks to all participants for the numerous photos. A selection of participant photos you will find below.

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