After a game had to be designed in the first two competitions based on certain sets of materials and a character in the third comppetition, the hanger of the 4th competition, which ran until the end of May 2012, was the packaging in the form of a tin.

The box is designed as a suitcase and comes from the game Hart an der Grenze. The task was to design a game that fits into this tin can.

Do you still have a suggestion for this competition? We still accept suggestions. Send your game to info@spielematerial.de

Das Spiel musste in diese Box aus dem Spiel ``Hart an der Grenze`` passen!

3 weitere TOP Spiele

The high number of suggestions led to another 3 new games, which was published by Mücke Spiele.

  • Council & Contracts
  • Manhattan TraffIQ
  • Keine lahmen Agamen