In the period 2008/2009, the first author competition took place at www.spielmaterial.de.

The task for the authors was to invent a new game based on a defined set of game pieces, whereby additional material could be used. Specifically, the game pieces from the Kosmos game “Giants” had to be used.

Six game suggestions from this competition were implemented in the Edition Bohrtürme. The set consists of the published 6 games of the competition, Schwarzes Gold and Namibia are the winning titles.

Do you still have a suggestion for this competition? We still accept suggestions. Send your game to info@spielematerial.de

These materials had to be installed in the game!!!

Bohrtürme Edition

The result of the competition are 6 fantastic games

  • Ghawar
  • Area 51
  • Schwarzes Gold
  • Namibia
  • Global Warming
  • Atacama